There are many parts to a man that grab our attention: abs, arms, face, those "V" indentations on the pelvis, etc., but chronically under-appreciated is the jawline and cheekbone aspect of the adult male.

It is thus proposed that "Strong Jawlines are Delicious"

Exhibit One: Richard Armitage

Exhibit Two: Liam Hemsworth

Exhibit Three: Tom Hiddleston

Exhibit Four: Nathan Page

Exhibit Five: Colin O'Donaghue

Exhibit Six: Tahmoh Penikett

Exhibit Seven: Michael Fassbender

While there are obviously more examples, we shall avail ourselves of the fine men listed today.

It appears the most common attribute is the angle of the jawline.

Plus, the sharp-but-not-too-sharp chin.

Note, while 'cheekbone hollows' and 'cheekbones sharp enough cut glass' are not mandatory, they are delightful.

To fully appreciate them, we must see the jawlines in action, i.e. kissing. It is a cruel twist of fate that to fully see the jawline in action, we cannot be part of the action. But we must remain impartial as scientists and not interfere with our subjects. Until the experiment is over, and then they're fair game.

We can see the jawline making quite pleasing angles and shapes, even when obstructed by 18th century clothing and sideburn choices.


I mean, our subject is blocked. We must find another sample.

Thus, strong jawlines are delicious. It's science.

DISCUSSION: A corollary of "Strong Jawlines are Delicious" is "Strong Jawlines are Generally Improved by 1-3 Days Worth of Stubble." Show your work.