Much Music Lays of 91 workers; Cancels Video on Trial

Bell Media has made some drastic cuts to the music channels Much (formerly Much Music) and M3 (formerly Much More Music). They've laid off VJs Lauren Montoya, Scott Willats and Leah Miller. L:eah Miller was a very prolific VJ, hosting MuchOnDemand and all season of the Canadian version of "So You Think You Can Dance?"… » 7/15/14 10:13am 7/15/14 10:13am

Why Must Dudes Ruin Perfectly Good Superheroine and Action Franchises…

What is it with dudes and their never-ending cry of "Diversity! Diversity! Diversity!" ? Ugh, it doesn't MATTER what the characters are like! Only the story matters! And we all know that those fanboys love to complain about how there's no representation of LGBT (or are they calling it GLBT now? IT'S SO HARD TO KEEP… » 7/08/14 8:55am 7/08/14 8:55am

Chris Hadfield, Rick Mercer received Orders of Canada; Joy for all!

A total of 86 people are recipients of the various levels of the Order of Canada this year. Astronaut Chris Hadfield and comedian/all-around-clever-person Rick Mercer* are essentially two of the most beloved Canadians currently alive, so this makes complete sense. » 7/02/14 1:22pm 7/02/14 1:22pm