I Cannot Stop Watching This Food Science Porn

I never would have guessed I would spend an entire afternoon glued to the screen watching corporate instructional videos, but these food science equipment videos are fascinating stuff. See peanut butter act like spray paint and learn about how how companies test the strength of pasta noodles. »4/08/15 7:36pm4/08/15 7:36pm


Kinja Group Blog Directory

Since I've already seen a lot of people asking for one and there isn't (as far as I know) one already in existence, I thought I'd start a list of all the Kinja blogs. You can see it here. I'm obviously still adding to it, so if you know of one that isn't on there yet, let me know in the comments. Once blog creation… »4/24/14 5:12pm4/24/14 5:12pm

Holy Shit I Just Applied to College

Last year, I was in quite a bit of a funk. I don't really like my job, but the education I have is pretty limited for what I actually want to do. So, obviously that means it's time for languishing! Oh, the languishing. Anyway, I had read in the paper about a new program at a city college, and I got really excited.… »1/08/14 11:09pm1/08/14 11:09pm

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