Cover Letter for Non-Existant Position?

Bless my teacher, he's passing along my resume and cover letter to an industry contact for a possible summer job/internship. Which is amazing! Except, how do you make a cover letter for a job that doesn't have a description? Normally, I'd make a T Chart thingie which has gotten me results in the past ("this is what… » 4/15/15 6:06pm Wednesday 6:06pm

It's done it's done it's done it's done it's done it's done

I finished my very first cross stitch project. It took more than a year but I did it! Since I made this for my wedding (I'm having a big mat put around it so people could sign it instead of a guest book) I'd like to add our names and the date to the bottom. So my question is: any recommended websites for cross stitch… » 4/13/15 10:41pm Monday 10:41pm

I Cannot Stop Watching This Food Science Porn

I never would have guessed I would spend an entire afternoon glued to the screen watching corporate instructional videos, but these food science equipment videos are fascinating stuff. See peanut butter act like spray paint and learn about how how companies test the strength of pasta noodles. » 4/08/15 7:36pm 4/08/15 7:36pm

Ontario Releases New Sexual Assault PSA

The Ontario Government released a new anti-Sexual Assault PSA as part of a three-year, $41 million "It's Never Okay: An Action Plan to Stop Violence and Harassment" campaign. This will include the PSA, updated school curricula, legislation and persecution models. » 3/11/15 10:11am 3/11/15 10:11am

Assorted Beauty and Fashion Inquiries (w/ Bonus Etsy Query)

I'm trying to get together my full ensemble for my wedding and now I'm really regretting the fact that I have no eye for these things. "Throw all the shit I like together and who cares if anything actually looks good together!" is a strategy (Ha! Strategy) that normally works just fine for me, but let's say I wanna… » 3/09/15 6:46pm 3/09/15 6:46pm

Has This Happened to Anyone Else? (Gmail Problem)

So this is a new thing I've never seen before. My personal gmail has my, so far so good. My display name is again, Firstname Lastname. Excellent. I email people and this all looks good. Then when I get deep into a reply-reply email chain (like, 6 deep maybe?) Gmail changes my last name!… » 2/19/15 12:49pm 2/19/15 12:49pm

Ever Find Yourself Conflicted When Watching Hannibal?

Hello there, stranger! Do you enjoy Hannibal? Do you find yourself conflicted when you want the delicacies shown on the screen? Would you do anything to eat Hannibals cooking even though, through dramatic irony, you know there is something not quite right with his food? Oh, do I have an offer for you! » 2/11/15 1:19pm 2/11/15 1:19pm